Celebrate You For Who You Are

We connect with the long history of Black Sheep. We recognize from a social psychology and historical standpoint that Black Sheep have long been ostracized for their differences and rarely celebrated for their value. We realized throughout much of human history there have been Black Sheep that created Social Success although rarely truly understood by the people of their time. That’s where we come up, not only do we connect with innovators and experts of their field to bring value to other Black Sheep making their way through life, we provide you with extensive resources to show the world who you are and what you stand for. Leave a legacy behind being proudly showing the world who you are!

Put A Stamp On Who You Are

  • We Coach

    Throughout our careers, my team and I, have amassed and cultivated our expertise in both large and small organizations: 16+ yrs in the military, 12+ yrs in the Non-Profit Setting, 20+ yrs in the Health & Fitness industry, and 10+ years in the Financial Sectors, the NFL, the Olympics, Politics, and Real Estate. From Consulting to Career Coaching and Mentoring, we’ve been in many industries and are always happy to help others bridge the gap! Need Help? Reach out now!

  • We Speak

    We’ve realized in this day and age, many are running on the proverbial hamster wheel, persevering and tenaciously pushing forward towards their goals that keep moving further and further away. As Leaders, we’ve come to understand that our culture has withdrawn key pieces of information that will help many to find success. As Black Sheep, our main objective is to fill in said gaps through our experience, content, articles, series, books. and if need be through our consulting services! Need a guiding hand, a more personal touch? Let’s talk!

  • We Create

    From Motivational Interviewing, YouTube Videos, Inspirational Banners, Content Creation, Marketing and Business Strategy, and Our Own Personal Writing,  we help those in need. Fortunately, history has provided us with a score of LEGENDARY Black Sheep that we can easily provide and connect to and our team is well prepared to serve in our clients needs. Our most notable work with the NFL, NonProfits, Hospitals, and Real Estate, we have just what you need!